Welcome to the Réseau d’éclaireurs en santé psychologique (The Pathfinders network for psychological health) webpage.

Initiated by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, the project aims to improve community adaptability and resilience of the Laurentian population during and after the pandemic.

The project promotes community resources available in each of the region’s 7 districts.

The network also fosters a general sense of goodwill and contributes to improving community well-being by supporting its recovery process.

Above all, Pathfinders are citizens who are involved in their community and who seek:

  • to put forward methods of self-care and caring for others;
  • to raise awareness about the resources available in their area;
  • to contribute to organising and disseminating activities that promote well-being;
  • to identify signs of stress and to share strategies to deal with stress or to direct individuals to a resource to get help if needed;
  • to be the eyes and ears of their community.

Pathfinder are supported by a local team of careworkers from the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux (CISSS) des Laurentides.

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Introduction to training and impacts of the pandemic


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Stress and Strategies for coping with stress : taking care of oneself and others


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Tips and tools to support your role as a Pathfinder


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Building resilience

Resilience-building activities are organised by the relay team together with partner organisations or pathfinders involved in the project, with the aim of reaching everyone, in every walk of life, and listening to the needs of the community. Their purpose is to promote collective resilience and to foster a caring culture by popularising strategies for self-care and the care of others. They aim to mobilise people, to reinforce the social fabric, to facilitate mutual aid and to raise awareness about the resources and activities available in each area.

The relay team

The members of our outstanding relay team cover every part of our region.

The team is present and very active on the ground to accompany, support, mobilise and connect the pathfinders in each area.

Together, the members of the relay team and the pathfinders contribute to developing resilience-building activities aimed at supporting and helping the community by promoting good mental health. The relay team also offers various workshops in the community:

  • Wheel of Fortune and Bingo 
    Activities in the form of games to raise awareness and share information on ways of caring for oneself, on signs of stress and anxiety, on healthy living habits and where to get help. Participants are invited to come spin the wheel or play bingo and to answer questions on the above-mentioned themes.  
  • Workshop on signs of stress, anxiety and depression 
    Workshop on the signs of stress, anxiety and depression and about various coping strategies. Includes group sharing to help participants get a better grasp of these signs in themselves and to map out ways of addressing contributing factors that can be changed.

  • Workshop on Self-care and the care of others 
    Workshop on brainstorming and sharing strategies that can improve participants’ personal well-being and the well-being of others around them.

  • Workshop on Support and help for men
    Workshop aimed at understanding distress and the process of asking for help related to masculine stereotypes. Featuring strategies for approaching another person and listening with empathy.   

  • Workshop on neurocognitive disorders
    Workshop on the myths and realities related to aging and neurocognitive disorders, as well as strategies for acting kindly toward persons with these disorders. 

  • Workshop on Managing difficult interactions 
    Workshop aimed at supporting people who must sometimes interact with persons displaying difficult behaviour. Featuring new knowledge about the attitudes and conduct to adopt in these situations as well as tools for taking a step back and protecting themselves during such interactions. 

To reach a member of the relay team about working with them in your community, see the “toolkit” section for your area.