Medical Imaging

Medical imaging examinations are done using x-rays emitted by a machine that sweep through the body, producing images of different structures.

Radiology examinations

Your medical imaging appointment

Do not book an appointment if :

  1. Your doctor has sent the prescription to the Centre de répartition des demandes de service en imagerie (dispatch centre).
  2. Your specialist (surgeon, emergency physician, etc.) has already sent the request to one of our imaging services.

If your specialist has given you the request form :

  1. Consult the Démarre le chargement du fichierList of imaging services by hospital (in French only) to see where your examination is available.
  2. Send the request form via fax or take it straight to the imaging service where the examination you need is available.
  3. Have the original with you on the day of the appointment.

The CISSS des Laurentides also has some partner laboratories offering various examinations. You can find the list of private medical imaging labs Démarre le chargement du fichierhere (in French only).

Preparing for the imaging examination

Before going to your appointment, prepare the following documents to bring with you:

  • The original medical request (no copies);
  • Your valid health insurance card;
  • Your hospital card;
  • A bag to put your clothes and belongings into.

Who can enter the examination room?

To avoid any unnecessary exposure to x-rays and to maintain privacy, only the patient is allowed in the examining room. Another person can be allowed into the room as a guide if the patient is a child, a person at risk of falling or whose health condition requires it. The accompanying person will have to wear a weighted apron to protect themselves from radiation.