Aire ouverte (Services for youth aged 12-25)

Welcome to Aire ouverte!

Do you need help, but have no idea where to go or what to do about what you are going through?

Have you used existing service but are afraid to ask for help again?

Do other people think that you need help?

Are you a parent or loved one who needs guidance about a teenager or young adult who worries you?

Contact us!

Aire ouverte is an occasional and/or short-term service for people between 12 and 25 years old. It is also for their parents and loved ones.

We provide various free services for your health and wellbeing, with or without an appointment. You can come in at a time that best suits your situation, either at various times during the day or on weekends.

Aire ouverte is a judgment-free zone, in which you will be served rapidly and confidentially.