Peritoneal Dialysis

The peritoneal dialysis clinic is for patients suffering from kidney disease who have chosen this type of treatment. It is staffed by a team of nurses and nephrologists. 

Continuous outpatient peritoneal dialysis (in French only)


Peritoneal dialysis treatment cleanses the blood through a membrane that envelopes the organs located within the abdomen. This membrane is called the peritoneum and it acts as a filter.

During treatment, a flexible catheter is installed in the abdomen. A fluid (dialysate) is introduced into the peritoneum through this catheter. Dialysis eliminates the surplus fluid, eliminates the wastes that accumulate and balances the electrolytes. 

Peritoneal dialysis consists of three steps:

  1. Drainage: The dialysate present within the peritoneum is removed. 
  2. Infusion: A new dialysate solution is introduced within the peritoneum. 
  3. Stasis: The time during which the dialysate inside the peritoneum carries out the treatment.

Peritoneal dialysis treatment is conducted at home. The treatment must be done daily, four times during the day, or overnight with a special automatic device. 

Non-automatic peritoneal treatment lasts for about 30 minutes.