How is the examination conducted?

The specialized ultrasound technologist or radiologist manipulates the sensor to get the best diagnostic images and to see the organs well. A gel is applied on the area to be studied so that there is no air between the skin and the sensor. You may be asked to take and hold a deep breath for a few seconds during the examination. This technique allows the ribs to be freed and the organs immobilized for optimal image quality.

What will I feel during the examination?

The examination is not painful. The only discomfort that you might feel is when the technologist has to apply some pressure to reveal structures that are behind others and are more difficult to see. 

How do I prepare for the examination?

Preparation is different for each type of examination that you have to undergo. You may be asked to fast for a few hours before the examination or drink water to have a full bladder. When you make the appointment, the clerk will tell you which preparation to follow. 

For more information, see this Démarre le chargement du fichierultrasound pamphlet (in French only).

Results of the examination

You will not be given any results after your examination. The radiologist evaluates the images produced by the technologist and prepares a report describing the findings from the images. The report will then be sent to your doctor who will share the results with you. 

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