Flu-like and/or gasto-intestinal symptoms

Services are provided for those under 18 years old, with flu-like and gastro-intestinal symptoms.

Children under 18 years old

For advice: Call 811 (Info-Santé) and press 1

7 days a week, 24 hours a day for children with or without a family doctor.


For advice: Call 811 (Info-Santé) and press 1

For those without a family doctor, call 811, option 3.

If your symptoms are more severe than flu-like and/or gastro-intestinal symptoms, go to the page Consult a professional to find an appropriate resource for your condition.

For patients showing flu-like or gastro-intestinal symptoms, depending on the state of health of the patient, the 811 call will result in:

  • Advice on measures to take or on what to watch for if the patient’s condition changes;
  • Directions to the appropriate community resource (e.g.: pharmacies, health care facilities);
  • A consult, when required, with a specialised nurse practioner (IPS) or a physician at a medical clinic.

The expanded services provided by the medical clinics in the region during the winter season are temporary and supplementary to the other health care and services you can regularly access.