Perinatal bereavement

“Experiencing perinatal bereavement is to be a parent of memories, an orphan of projects.” - Sophie Nanteuil

Experiencing perinatal bereavement

Receiving the news of a death of a child when preparing to bring a new life into the world is to lose the most precious thing possible. Supporting parents and families during this difficult time is vital.

Grieving the loss a of child is like an ocean—it comes in waves. Sometimes, the waters are calm, other times, they’re overwhelming. The only thing we can do is learn to navigate them. Guidance and support can be a lifesaver in times like these.

This page offers resources to start your journey through this ordeal and to respond to your needs for support and information. Many resources are available.

Professionals offer a personalized approach and take into account the needs of the bereaved:  acknowledging loss, supporting the parents and their loved ones,  referring them to services that can help them, and more. For any request for support, call 811, option 2.

Discover the services offered and the resources available by clicking on the box corresponding to your situation:

Losing a baby during pregnancy: the reality and challenges of grieving

Chantal Verdon, nurse, researcher and professor at Université du Québec en Outaouais, discusses perinatal bereavement by answering four major questions to help guide parents and their loved ones during this ordeal (in French only).