Mental health

The CISSS des Laurentides has various alternatives to meet mental health needs.

The mental health program’s purpose is to offer integration, orientation, assessment, psycho-social care, diagnosis, care and medical services to patients of all ages who are dealing with mental health issues.

All the staff and doctors who work for this service share a common goal and are driven by values based on the philosophy of recovery and working in partnership with patients and their families.

Our actions aim to help patients develop their abilities to fully exercise choice regarding their health and wellbeing and, by doing so, to take back control over their lives. We also want to put the emphasis on integrating people and maintaining them in their community by strengthening our ties to community services. 

How to access services

  • For information about our services or if you need help with any psychosocial situation, call /typo3conf/l10n/fr/rtehtmlarea/Resources/Private/Language/fr.locallang_accessibilityicons.xlf:external_link_new_window_altTextInfo-social at 811, option 2.
  • Your family physician can also refer you to the mental health access point (guichet d'accès), to provide you with services tailored to your specific needs.
  • Online, through the Québec Family Doctor Finder (GAMF) : /typo3conf/l10n/fr/rtehtmlarea/Resources/Private/Language/fr.locallang_accessibilityicons.xlf:external_link_new_window_altTextRegister here

Psychiatric outpatient clinics

These services mainly include :

  • Direct support to your family doctor by a responding psychiatrist;
  • Occasional consultation services on the recommandation of your family doctor;
  • Specialized treatment for people with complex and unstabilized mental health issues;
  • Support services for patients' loved ones;
  • Services by various professionals, in parternship with psychiatrists.


Psychiatric care units tend to the needs of patients with acute mental health issues. Hospitalization aims to:

  • Stabilize the patient's clinical state;
  • Restore their functional capabilities;
  • Provide a safe treatment environment and the support required to help regain their previous state of equilibrium;
  • Focus on psychosocial rehabilitation to achieve recovery.

Démarre le chargement du fichierMENTAL HEALTH HOSPITALIZATIONS GUIDE (in French only)

First Episode Psychosis Program (FEPP)

The main goal of this program is the early detection and rapid treatment of people having their first psychotic episode so that we can provide them and their loved ones with essential services that will allow them to have a better chance of recovery. 

Program telephone number: 450-276-0942 or by calling 8-1-1.

FEPP information leaflet (in French only)

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Information leaflet for loved ones (in French only)

Justice and Mental Health Support Program

The Justice and Mental Health Support program is designed for people who have committed certain types of criminal offences. It provides legal treatment adapted to the realities of individuals with mental health problems who are dealing with the justice system. It aims to provide a more appropriate response to people’s need for care and to prevent repeat offences. Involvement in this program enables the justice system to adjust sentencing in the interests of the individual and of society. The program is available:

  • Through referral by a lawyer, a caseworker from the CISSS des Laurentides or by the offender
  • On a voluntary basis

Réseau d'éclaireurs en santé psychologique (Pathfinders Network for Psychological Health)

Would you like to contribute to the social rehabillitation of your community ?

Become a pathfinder  to

  • Help the Laurentians deal with the impact of the pandemic;
  • Contribute to the wellbeing of your community. 

Consult our page about the Réseau d'éclaireurs en santé psychologique (Pathfinders Network for Psychological Health) Ouvre un lien interne dans une nouvelle fenêtrehere.

Mental health residential services

The CISSS des Laurentides provides transitional, family-type and short- or long-term intermediate resources to people in need of support. The service is based on the philosophy of recovery and working in collaboration with patients and their families.

Youth mental health services

Youth mental health outreach services are for young people diagnosed with a mental health problem or  those for whom a recognized professional suspects such a diagnosis. The intervention consists of, among other things, evaluating the needs of the child or teenager and their family, coming to an agreement with them about actions aimed at supporting the child as well as equipping the family and loved ones so that they can provide the daily support required. 

The specialized pediatric psychiatric services are for children and teenagers who have more pronounced symptoms, who have acute problems or whose condition requires hospitalization. The youth’s doctor determines the need to make a referral to the specialized services. This team’s role is to conduct a psychiatric evaluation to make a more precise diagnosis, provide appropriate treatment, make treatment recommendations, and ensure service continuity.

Specialized mental health services

Specialized service teams are made up of practitioners: social workers, psychologists, nurses, etc. 

They offer follow-up care tailored to the needs of people with mental health problems that lead to difficulties in various spheres of their lives. Based on the evaluation of the patient's needs, the services offered are: 

  • Information or support for self-management of care. 
  • Therapeutic groups adapted to the patient's situation.
  • Individual meetings. 

Follow-up in the community and socio-professional integration

The community follow-up interdisciplinary teams provide professional treatment, support and rehabilitation to adults dealing with mental health problems so that they can improve their quality of life by reclaiming their place in the community. The client’s autonomy is supported, and this contributes to reducing relapses and the need for hospitalization. These follow-up services are provided in intensive or variable intensity modes. 

The CISSS’s professional integration service offers rehabilitation and professional integration activities aimed at favouring the recovery of the clientele that is most vulnerable and the farthest removed from the labour market who want to return to active social roles.

Hospital emergency room

Anyone who goes to the hospital emergency room can receive assessment services and psychiatric consultation upon recommendation of the emergency doctor.