Services to our English-speaking population

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The act respecting health services and social services 

Section 15: English-speaking persons are entitled to receive health services and social services in the English language, in keeping with the organizational structure and human, material and financial resources of the institutions providing such services and to the extent provided by an access program.


  • Express your needs
  • Ask about existing services
  • File a complaint if you are dissatisfied with the services received or expected

Code of Ethics

The code present the values that must guide the actions and conduct expected of all CISSS des Laurentides personnel, and of all patients and their family members.

Code of Ethics - Revised version 2021

Regional Committee for Access Programs for Health and Social Services in the English Language

The committee advises the establisment's President and Executive Director on:

  • the access program developed
  • the assessment of the access program(s) and suggestions for modifications, where appropriate

The committee is currently recruiting! - You can send in your application to become a member until January 5, 2022 at

Current members:

Stephanie Helmer (president)     
Marlene Dagenais (vice-president)
Peter L. MacLaurin
Gladys Symons
Deirdre Shipton
Brenda Burridge
Joseph Hakizimana


4Korners is a non-profit community organization dedicated to assisting youth, adults, seniors and their families to access information, resources and service in English in the Laurentian region.

Visite their website.

Respondent | English-speaking community
CISSS des Laurentides

Camille Harrigan 

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