Outpatient geriatric support and rehabilitation services

These services are offered to people with the following disabilities:

  • Loss of physical autonomy caused by various afflictions, a progressive disease or an accident (paralysis, consequences of a bone fracture, multiple sclerosis, etc.),
  • Altered mental functions (Alzheimer’s, confusion, etc.),
  • Chronic mental health problems ( depression, personality disorder, mild intellectual disability, etc.),
  • Psychosocial problems (loss of a spouse, loneliness, isolation, etc.) having an impact on functional autonomy.

Services offered

All of the activities provided by the outpatient geriatric support and rehabilitation services aim to maintain seniors at home. The activity programs are therapeutic or preventive and interventions can be adapted. Services also include respite for caregivers, maintaining or improving physical or cognitive abilities, functional recovery, and preventing or breaking social isolation.

Two groups of services are offered to respond to users’ needs:

Day centre 

Day centres welcome seniors whose ability to live at home has been compromised due to physical, psychological or social difficulties. Day centre services are offered during the day in several municipalities.

Day hospital

Outpatient geriatric rehabilitation services are offered to people aged 65 years and over who are at risk of or are losing their autonomy. They aim to maintain people at home, avoid hospitalizations and delay the need for accommodation resources. These services are available on referral by a doctor or a health professional.

These services are offered at two day hospitals in the region, in Saint-Jérôme and Sainte-Thérèse.