The respiratory virus vaccination campaign is currently underway in the Laurentians. The campaign is designed to offer, free of charge, the flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine to the entire population and the pneumococcal vaccine to /typo3conf/l10n/fr/rtehtmlarea/Resources/Private/Language/fr.locallang_accessibilityicons.xlf:external_link_new_window_altTextcertain groups of people.

Vaccination is highly recommended to people who are /typo3conf/l10n/fr/rtehtmlarea/Resources/Private/Language/fr.locallang_accessibilityicons.xlf:external_link_new_window_altTextat higher risk for complications as well as healthcare workers. You can get the flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine at the same time, as needed.

You can make an appointment:
⇒ Online at /typo3conf/l10n/fr/rtehtmlarea/Resources/Private/Language/fr.locallang_accessibilityicons.xlf:external_link_new_window_altTextClic Santé
⇒ By phone at 1-877-644-4545, Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

You can visit a walk-in clinic:
⇒ Consult their schedule HERE

 For more information about vaccination and those at higher rish, visit:

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Vaccination (or immunization)

Vaccination (or immunization) is one of the most effective known preventive measures to avoid various infections. The Québec Immunization Program includes a series of vaccines provided free in healthcare network facilities and participating medical clinics.

Learn more about vaccination

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