Temporary or permanent disability

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You are living with a permanent or temporary disability due to:

  • A loss of autonomy due to aging
  • A handicap
  • A chronic illness
  • A surgery or a hospitalization
  • A preterminal or terminal illness

How to access home support services/care

Are you receiving any services from the CLSC or have you received any during the last six months?

Please contact your caseworker to discuss any further needs you might have.

If you are not currently receiving services at your local CLSC

Call the access desk (guichet d'accès) toll-free at 1-833-217-5362 for more information about available services.


→Home care (available soon)

Home safety during a power outage

Thematic file by the Mission universitaire sur la gériatrie et le vieillissement, IUGM 
Promotion and prevention of cognitive health (translated version available at the top).

Caregivers' respite and support

If your loved one already receives some services from the local CLSC, you can contact their caseworker to discuss available support resources.

For more information: Caregiving

Our services

The CLSC services can allow you to remain safely at home, for as long as possible, while maintaining your quality of life. The services are provided by an interdisciplinary team, which starts working after a thorough assessment of your needs.

  • Nursing care
  • Assistive care
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Rehabilitation (occupational therapy, physiotherapy)
  • Social services
  • Equipment loan
  • Home adaptation program

Quebec Sign Language (LSQ) video

Home support services can be provided at home, at your local CLSC, at the hospital’s day centre, or in temporary or long-term accommodations.  Some services are also offered in collaboration with community partners.