Kidney transplant

Kidney transplant assessment clinic

This clinic is for patients with kidney disease. These patients are followed in the kidney disease program for kidney protection, and for peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis. 

The clinic’s objectives are:

  • To determine if you can receive a kidney transplant following an assessment by a doctor, tests, and examinations,
  • To send your information to the chosen transplant centre,
  • To act as a bridge between you and the transplant centre for additional requests,
  • To provide education and referrals about the steps to take before a transplant,
  • To encourage living donations and referral to social workers to help find donors.

Kidney transplant follow-up clinic

This clinic is for patients who have had a kidney transplant and who have 30% or more kidney function. 

The clinic’s objectives are:

  • To monitor your health following the kidney transplant. This includes monitoring blood pressure and glucose levels as required. 
  • To ensure careful monitoring of your immunosuppressant medications through blood tests and undesirable side effects. 
  • To provide education on your condition with your newly transplanted kidney. 

Our team is pleased to guide you through the pre-transplant assessment process, then to welcome you back once the transplant has taken place.