Testing and assessment

Exceptional circumstances : Testing, case-management and contact-tracing priorities have changed

Due to the rising number of infections, PCR tests at testing clinics are now reserved for higher priority groups including:

  • Health and social services workers and subcontractors providing care and services having contact with users in the following settings:
  1.  Public institutionsFamily-type resource and intermediate resources
  2. Private seniors' homes
  3. Residential centres, or residential and long-term care centres 
  4. Home-based social economy enterprises
  5. Service employment paycheque arrangement
  6. Respite home
  7. Birthing centres
  8. Residential settings
  9. Community accommodation resources
  • Users receiving care and social services in a care setting or residential setting
  • People who are homeless or in residential distress
  • People from First Nations, Inuit or Métis communities and people travelling to these communities to work
  • Contacts and symptomatic or asymptomatic people in the context of confirmed or suspected outbreaks in high-risk settings :
  1. Public institutions
  2. Family-type resource and intermediate resources
  3. Private seniors' homes
  4. Residential centres, or residential and long-term care centres 
  5. Detention centers
  6. Exceptionally, certain other outbreak settings on special recommendation from a regional director public health
  • Police officers, first responder firefighters, ambulance technicians symptomatic,
  • School staff and those of the various daycare centers in the absence of rapid tests in the environment.
  • Other persons in accordance with provincial guidelines or directives.

                Confirmation of your membership in this group will be requested at the screening center (e.g. employee card, confirmation of surgery, proof of residence in collective accommodation establishments, etc.).

                If you have symptoms of COVID-19, but are not a priority client, it is recommended that you do a rapid test at home. If you are unable to get rapid tests, self-isolate respecting the Instructions for people with COVID-19.

                STEP 3 Visit one of our clinics

                TESTING For surgery or medical reason

                1-888-222-5075 or Fill out the online form (Available in French)

                Designated clinics Notification

                Please refer to the section below

                Due to a high volume of changes in the clinics' schedule, the next section is mirrored on its French counterpart. 

                Fill out the registration form before getting tested.


                Waiting time at walk-in clinics

                Waiting times are available for all walk-in screening clinics.

                Go to the COVID-19 Screening Platform and enter your postal code to find the screening clinic closest to you.

                Follow your results

                Once you have registered, a user name will be sent to you by email.

                Access your account

                Result request

                To receive email confirmation of your test result

                If you received your result by text message, a screen capture or message transfer can be used as written proof.

                Written confirmation request form (In French)

                To obtain your test result after 72 hours

                If your test was done in a hospital or a long-term care facility (CHSLD), please contact them directly.

                Result request form for test done in our clinics (In French)

                Notice to travellers

                Instructions for travellers during the COVID-19 pandemic

                Some countries require medical certificates or COVID-19 tests from travellers and nationals upon arrival. The result certificates we are currently providing do not fulfill the criteria required. 

                Take a screening test

                Please fill out the COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool before going to our facility. If a test is recommended :

                Without an appointment

                To make an appointment (in participating clinics)

                If your test is required for medical reason, a surgery or an exam, we recommend making an appointment. 

                • Online form
                • By phone : 1-888-222-5075 
                • CISSS des Laurentides employees : 1-866-963-2777 ext. 22683 (between 8AM and 4PM)

                Rapid tests for businesses

                To reduce the risk of outbreaks in workplaces, businesses can have free rapid tests for COVID-19 antigen detection for their staff located in Quebec. They can be requested from the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS). With these tests on hand, they can initiate a screening protocol when the first employee shows symptoms of COVID-19. 

                Find all the details here.