Telehealth in the Laurentians

Telehealth can be used to, for example:

  • Receive advice or information about your health. 
  • Discuss care.  
  • Remotely monitor a health condition (monitoring of symptoms or physiological measurements). 
  • Receive remote help.  
  • Conduct exchanges between healthcare professionals. 

Advantages of telehealth:

  • Saves time (travel, time spent in waiting rooms, etc.).
  • Reduces travel and its costs (gas, parking, etc.).
  • Reduces job absences. 

The Québec Telehealth web page has lots of pertinent information for both patients and professionals. Among other things, you can find information and tutorials about use of the apps and videos about telehealth. 

Consult it by clicking here:

Not all the fields of activity of the CISSS des Laurentides offer telehealth services at the moment. Nor can all conditions be treated remotely. For example, some conditions require close physical observation, or your functioning must be seen in your home. Your professional can tell you whether or not it’s possible to use telehealth in your situation.  

The professional will give you all the information necessary to make an informed decision and give your consent for the use of this method.