Consult a professional by phoning 811

For resident in Argenteuil West : 1-800-361-3977

811 option 1 - Health advice

A nurse assesses your condition and provides recommendations for self-care at home or finds the service that best meets your needs.

811 option 1 - Children

Speak with a nurse for recommandations  about a child aged 0 to 18 years. They can offer an appointment with a health professional, if needed.

811 option 2 - Psychosocial advice

 A psychosocial worker is available 24/7, if you want to discuss a psychosocial or mental health issue.

811 option 3 - Primary care access point (GAP)

This line is reserved for people who do not have a family doctor or are registered with a family medecine group. Assessment and appointment available as needed.