Rooms and hospitalization charges

Please note that the CISSS des Laurentides assigns rooms based on demand and availability in the various care units. Your choice of room is not guaranteed; however, the institution will take all measures possible to respond to the stated request. The admissions department of your hospital is the place to go for all information about the choice of a room. 

Private or semi-private room

Upon request and based on availability, you may occupy a private room (1 bed) or a semi-private room (2 beds). Please note that charges apply for occupancy of this category of rooms. The rates for these rooms are set and adjusted periodically by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux.

Hospitalization charges

You have private insurance
You must show your proof of insurance when you arrive at Admissions so that the staff there can note in your file all the information necessary for billing (name of the company, policy number, etc.). It is your responsibility to verify the applicable reimbursement methods with your insurer. In case of non-payment by the insurer, the patient must pay the bill.

You do not have private insurance
If you do not have such insurance, you must pay the supplementary costs yourself; a deposit covering 3 days of hospitalization will be required (by cash, cheque, credit or debit card). 

Uninsured hospitalizations

If an intervention is not medically required (cosmetic surgery, for example), you must pay the hospitalization costs even if you have a Québec health insurance card. As well, people who are unable to demonstrate their eligibility for hospitalization insurance (health insurance card, proof of citizenship or permanent residence) must pay the hospitalization costs and must make a deposit of an amount equal to 3 days of hospitalization (by cash, cheque, credit or debit card) upon admission.