Visitors and caregivers

Wearing a mask - For visitors and caregivers

Instructions to visitors and caregivers in hospitals (update coming soon)

Instructions to visitors and caregivers in CHSLD (update coming soon)

It is no longer mandatory to wear a mask and practice physical distancing in these facilities:

  • Hospitals (except when 2m or less of a patient)
  • CLSC
  • Family medicine groups (FMG)
  • Test centres and medical clinics
  • Screening and vaccination centres
  • Long-term care facilities (CHSLD)
  • Intensive rehabilitation unit (URFI)
  • Youth centre

We could ask that you wear a mask in special situations (local COVID-19 oubreak for exemple). This would be a temporary measure.

Wearing a mask is not mandatory in the listed facilities, but we encourage visitors to wear one to protect their loved ones, especially when respiratory virures are prevalent in the community. 

Individuals prohibited from making a visit to a loved one

Visitors are monitored both at the entrances as well as in the units. Individuals who fit one of the following criteria should not visit their loved one in a CISSS des Laurentides facility: 

  • a person who has been diagnosed with COVID‑19 in the last 10 days;
  • a person who has been diagnosed with COVID‑19 more then 10 days ago but who does not meet the other criteria for ending self-isolation;
  • a person who has symptoms consistent with COVID‑19 or the flu;
  • a person who has been advised to self-isolate;
  • a person waiting to get tested or waiting for a test result;
  • a person who has symptoms consistent with gastroenteritis.

Measures in force in hospitals

Wearing a mask is mandatory for anyone within two meters of a patient. 


The institution reserves the right to limit the number of visitors and the visiting hours in special situations, such as:

  • Outbreak of contagious deseases in the institution or in the community.
  • Traffic or special situations in the Emergency Room.
  • Physical capacity of the location (rooms).
  • Need for rest or desire of the patient.
  • Any other situation deemed relevant by the institution’s authorities.

Please confirm the right to visit with the CISSS des Laurentides’s care unit before visiting.

In general, an informal caregiver can be at a patient’s bedside at all times.

Measures in force in CHSLD, RIs for seniors and private seniors' home (RPA)


  • Guidelines differ between facilities with or without an outbreak. Additional measures might be in place.
  • An informal caregiver or visitor can visit a loved one multiple times during the same day.

Caregivers and visitors must: 

  • Respect measures in force in the facility;
  • Not be isolating due to COVID-19 or experience symptoms of an illness or desease (flu, cold, gastroenteritis, etc.);
  • If there is an outbreak, wear a medical grade surgical mask when entering the facility, and according to the measures in place.

For all measures in living facilities, consult the MSSS webpage /typo3conf/l10n/fr/rtehtmlarea/Resources/Private/Language/fr.locallang_accessibilityicons.xlf:external_link_new_window_altTexthere.

Think about reducing the risks associated with a hospital stay

Preventing deconditioning

Preventing falls

Mesures in the Laurentians

Specific guidelines for Hôpital de Saint-Eustache, Hôpital de Saint-Jérôme and Centre multiservices de santé et services sociaux de Saint-Agathe (Hôpital Laurentien)

Until further notice, only one caregiver per day will be authorised to visit. We will support caregivers in their integration and ensure their full understanding of infection prevention and control procedures in place.

Exceptions might be made in some circonstances, particularly for birth and palliative care units.

*A maximum of 4 caregivers can alternate from day to day. During an outbreak, this number could be reduced to two. 

Supporting informal caregivers

The organization supports informal caregivers in their integration and ensure their full understanding of infection prevention and control. Anyone not complying with the guidelines coud see their right of access to the facility restricted. 

Guidelines to follow during your visit (update coming soon)

Your can also learn more about how to put on and remove personal protective equipment. An illustrated version in French is available : Mettre ou enlever des équipements de protection de façon sécuritaire

Visitor, escort or informal caregiver?

A visitor is anyone wishing to visit a loved one in a residential facility or hospital, and who does not fit caregiver criteria.

An escort is a significant person providing one-time support to a loved one during a visit or stay.

An informal caregiver is a person who regularly or occasionally supports a person in their close circle that is disabled either temporarily or permanently and with whom a family or non-family emotional relationship exists. In this case, support is provided on a non-professional basis irrespective of age, living environment or type of disability (physical, psychological, psychosocial or other) of the supported individual. This care can take various forms, such as help with personal hygiene, emotional support or coordinating care and services.

Visiting hours

Each facility can have different visiting hours. We recommand that you phone the facility to insure that visits are permitted. Find the contact information for our facilities here

Caregives are admitted at all times.