Testing and assessment

Notice to travellers

Instructions for travellers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Some countries require medical certificates or COVID-19 tests from travellers and nationals upon arrival. The result certificates we are currently providing do not fulfill the criteria required. 

Take a screening test

Tests are available at all clinics with or without an appointment.

Without an appointment

Please fill out the COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool before going to our facility. If a test is recommended :

To make an appointment

  • Online form (available in French only) 
  • By phone : 1-888-222-5075 
  • CISSS des Laurentides employees : 1-866-963-2777 ext. 22683 (between 8AM and 4PM)

We recommend that you make an appointment if your test is needed for a medical assessment before an operation or a medical test.




Location Opening hours


634, rue Lafleur
J8H 1R8

***Only without an appointment

Opens January 19, 2021

Tuesday 8 AM to Noon

Wednesday 2 PM to 6 PM


610 boul. Curé-Boivin

Monday to Friday

8 AM to 7:45 PM


8 AM to 5:45 PM


Clinic: 609, 9e Rue J7Z 2Z2

Drive-Thru: 553, boul. des Laurentides -- Access by 9th Street *** Only without an appointment


Monday to Friday

8 AM to 7:45 PM

Drive-Thru: 8 AM to 5:45 PM


8 AM to 3:45 PM


471, rue Léonard
J8C 0A3


Monday to Friday

10 AM to 5:45 PM


8 AM to 3:45 PM

Vallée de la Rouge

220, rue Labelle, Rivière-Rouge
J0T 1T0

***Only without an appointment

Opens January 19, 2021

Tuesday 8 AM to Noon

Wednesday 2 PM to 6 PM


2561, chemin du Lièvre sud
J9L 3G3


Monday to Friday

8 AM to 5:45 PM


8 AM to 3:45 PM


Waiting times are always more significant at the beginning of the week.

When should I get tested?


  • Individuals experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms;
  • Individuals who have been in close contact with an infected person.


Testing is prioritized based on the highest probability of finding cases in order to quickly begin investigations and contact tracing and thereby control outbreaks.

To know if a test is required, click here. 


The mobile clinic will be taking a break for the winter months.

Result request

To receive email confirmation of your test result

If you received your result by text message, a screen capture or message transfer can be used as written proof.

Written confirmation request form (In French)

To obtain your test result after 48 hours

If your test was done in a hospital or a long-term care facility (CHSLD), please contact them directly.

Result request form for test done in our clinics (In French)

What to expect when being tested for COVID-19

When you arrive at the designated clinic, a security officer will validate your appointment and provide you with a mask that you will be required to wear until you leave. You will then be directed to the appropriate location and informed of the guidelines to follow.

When you are called to be tested, have your medical insurance card in hand. The nurse will ask you about your symptoms and will confirm your identity. Next, the nurse will perform the test by introducing a long-stemmed swab first into your throat, then into your nasal cavity to obtain a sample. It takes approximately 10 seconds to obtain an adequate sample. 

The entire process takes at most ten minutes if there is no waiting. 

You will be given your results within 24 to 72 hours. Negative results are transmitted by text or by phone. Positive result are always transmitted by phone to answer questions, give the guidelines to follow as well as start an investigation.