Parents’ financial contribution for their child in residential care

When your child is housed in a foster family or a rehabilitation centre, you must make a financial contribution for their housing (particularly for food and lodging). Both the father and mother remain responsible for a housed child by virtue of the Civil Code of Québec. The parents may also be asked by the social worker responsible for their child to voluntarily pay for other needs—clothing, leisure activities or other things. The youth program of the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux des Laurentides pays the rest of the costs and provides the required professional services.

The financial contribution is established based on the following factors, among others: family income, basic exemption, age of the children, eligibility for benefits.

The first thirty days are without cost to the parents. If a child is placed a second time for a period of more than thirty days, the free thirty days will only be provided if more than a year has elapsed since the last placement.  

The contribution rate is indexed every year.

The federal Canada Child Benefit Act (CCB) stipulates that this benefit is lost when the child is placed in care. These payments cease in the month following the child’s placement.

The Family Allowance is paid to you as long as you contribute financially to your child’s care while in placement. 

Are you eligible for a reduction in the contribution rate?

Parents may benefit from a reduction to their contribution based on their income or family situation. You must apply to the parental contribution technician assigned to your file. This evaluation is valid for a period of 12 months. In the event of family or financial changes over the course of the year, you must inform your contribution technician as soon as possible. 

Paying your contribution

Every month, the CISSS des Laurentides sends the parents an account statement showing the contribution billed as well as the credits granted. The bill is payable upon receipt. You can pay your contribution in cash at the various service points, by cheque, or online at some financial institutions such as the Caisse Desjardins or the Banque Nationale.

Do not hesitate to contact our parental contribution team at Accounts Receivable by phone or email at: 

Telephone: 450-436-1170, or toll-free: 1-800-648-9028

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