Welcome to the Réseau d’éclaireurs en santé psychologique (The Pathfinders network for psychological health) webpage.

Initiated by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (Ministry of Health and Social Services), the project aims to improve community adaptability and resilience of the Laurentian population during and after the pandemic.

The project promotes community resources available in each of the region’s 7 districts.

The network also fosters a general sense of goodwill and contributes to improving community well-being by supporting its recovery process.

Above all, Pathfinders are citizens who are involved in their community and who seek:

  • to put forward methods of self-care and caring for others;
  • to raise awareness about the resources available in their area;
  • to contribute to organising and disseminating activities that promote well-being;
  • to identify signs of stress and to share strategies to deal with stress or to direct individuals to a resource to get help if needed;
  • to be the eyes and ears of their community.

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