Advice and referral

Call 811. A nurse or a psychosocial intervention professional will answer your questions, make recommendations and, if necessary, direct you to the appropriate resource. This service is available 24 /24.

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Health 0-17 years old

Many consultation options are available for children aged 17 and under including 811, the Better Living Guide and the pediatric emergency service. 

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Consultation for individuals without a family doctor

The primary care access point (GAP) offers assessment and consult for individuals without a family doctor. 

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Visit a pharmacy

Pharmacists can prescribe medication for a minor health problem or preventively, treat shingles and influenza, extend a prescription, and provide vaccinations.

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Visit a clinic

Make an appointment online via the Quebec Medical Appointment Scheduler

See all clinics, family medicine groups (FMG) in your sector at Répertoire des ressources en santé et services sociaux

Sexual health

The region has several clinics that screen for sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections, as well as contraception clinics. They include youth clinics and adult STBBI screening clinics.

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Intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder

Talk to your family doctor who can refer you to the right service. You can call 811 at any time to talk to one of our social caseworkers. 

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Violence and abuse

Many teams are available to provide help.

Suicide prevention

You or one of your loved ones are thinking about suicide? Services are available round the clock

  • Reach out to 1-866-APPELLE (277-3553)
  • Visit : IM, text
  • Imminent danger : call 911

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To be monitored during your pregnancy, consult your doctor or your specialized nurse practitioner. If necessary, consult the list of obstetricians in our region and learn about our birthing centre located in Blainville. 

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Physical Disability and Physical Rehabilitation

To maintain the person's capabilities and assist in their social participation. 

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Nicotine dependence/addiction (cigarettes and vaping)

To learn about, reduce or quit smoking/vaping, contact the nurse at the Quit Smoking Centre to make a free appointment by calling 1-844-440-AIDE (2433).

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Finding a family doctor

To register with a family doctor, or to access a family medicine group, you must be registered with the Québec Family Doctor Finder (GAMF)

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Addiction and substance abuse

Prevent, reduce and treat problems related to alcohol, drugs, medication, or gambling and the Internet. Contact Info-Social by calling 811 for any request. 

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