Flu vaccination (Influenza)

Who can get vaccinated?

The flu vaccine is offered free of charge to anyone aged 6 months and older.

The flu vaccine is highly recommended  to people who are at higher risk of complications : 

  • People aged 75 years and older,
  • People aged 6 months and older who have /typo3conf/l10n/fr/rtehtmlarea/Resources/Private/Language/fr.locallang_accessibilityicons.xlf:external_link_new_window_altTextcertain chronic diseases,
  • People of any age living in residential and long-term care centres (CHSLDs) and in intermediate resources,
  • Pregnant women:

The vaccine is also recommended to anyone likely to transmit the flu to those who are more vulnerable to complications, namely: 

  • Family members living in the same household as a child under 6 months of age,
  • Family members living in the same household as someone aged 75 years and older, people who have /typo3conf/l10n/fr/rtehtmlarea/Resources/Private/Language/fr.locallang_accessibilityicons.xlf:external_link_new_window_altTextcertain chronic diseases or pregnant women,
  • Informal caregivers for residents in CHSLDs or intermediate resources, people aged 75 years and older, people with certain chronic diseases and pregnant women,
  • Healthcare workers.

You can get the flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine at the same time, as needed. The pneumococcal vaccine is also offered to /typo3conf/l10n/fr/rtehtmlarea/Resources/Private/Language/fr.locallang_accessibilityicons.xlf:external_link_new_window_altTextcertain groups.

Where to get vaccinated and how to make an appointment

⇒ In Ouvre un lien interne dans une nouvelle fenêtrelocal points of service (vaccination):

  • Visit /typo3conf/l10n/fr/rtehtmlarea/Resources/Private/Language/fr.locallang_accessibilityicons.xlf:external_link_new_window_altTextclicsanté.ca
  • Call 1-877-644-4545 (Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

⇒ In designated pharmacies: