COVID-19 Vaccination

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About COVID-19

Official site - Government of Québec

COVID-19 Hotline

Anyone who has questions about COVID-19 or is worried about their health can contact the COVID-19 hotline at 1-877-644-4545. If necessary, symptomatic people will be given an appointment for a screening test.

For more information about the disease and the prevention measures necessary, see the MSSS publications, available at: 

Wearing a mask or a face covering

Testing and Assessment

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The CISSS des Laurentides also collaborates with 4 Korners, a community organization dedicated to assisting people of all ages to access information, resources and services in English. We encourage you to contact them if you need any further assistance finding information in English.

You can visit their website or contact them at 450-974-3940 (Toll free at 1-888-974-3940).