News and Press Releases

2020-10-21 | Flu vaccination campaign launches

2020-10-19 | The COVID-19 outbreak at the Laurentian Hospital has ended

2020-10-16 | The CISSS des Laurentides will designate additional areas to admit COVID-19 cases, if necessary

2020-10-13 | COVID-19 test results can now be sent by text message

2020-10-09 | The Director of Public Health for the Laurentians urges hunters to practise caution

2020-10-03 | COVID-19 | Fighting to contain the second wave: Only informal caregivers will be authorized to visit CISSS des Laurentides facilities

2020-09-29 | Progressive regional alert and intervention system (COVID-19): The Laurentians at Orange and Red Levels

2020-09-25 | Progressive regional alert and intervention system (COVID-19): The Rivière-du-Nord, Thérèse-De Blainville and Deux-Montagnes MRCs and the Town of Mirabel are now orange

2020-09-25 | The Boisbriand COVID-19 designated testing and assessment clinic has a new address

2020-09-21 | Outbreak of COVID-19 in one unit of the Laurentian Hospital

2020-09-21 | The COVID-19 outbreak at the Saint-Jérôme Regional Hospital has ended

2020-09-21 | Progressive regional alert and intervention system (COVID-19) : The MRCs Rivière-du-Nord, Thérèse-De Blainville, Deux-Montagnes and the Town of Mirabel now yellow

2020-09-15 | Monitoring COVID-19: The Laurentian region remains a green zone

2020-09-10 | The COVID-19 outbreak has ended at Saint-Eustache hospital

2020-09-02 | COVID-19 designated evaluation clinic in Saint-Jérôme reopens

2020-09-01 | Visits to the Saint-Jérôme Regional Hospital resuming gradually

2020-09-01 | Temporary closure of the designated evaluation clinic in Saint-Jérôme

2020-08-25 | Encouraging results regarding the COVID-19 outbreak at Saint-Jérôme regional hospital

2020-08-06 | A truly heartwarming initiative: 700 children’s drawings, letters and cards sent to seniors

2020-08-02 | When in doubt, the CISSS des Laurentides urges the public to get tested for COVID-19

2020-07-30 | COVID-19 outbreak in three units of the Saint-Eustache Hospital

2020-07-24 | Training – For new Patient Care Attendants (PAB) in residential long-term care facilities (CHSLD): Students begin on-the-job training with the CISSS des Laurentides

2020-07-17 | Alert – COVID-19 cases at DEK-Hockey Tournament in Mirabel

2020-07-16 | The CISSS des Laurentides transport service is in urgent need of volunteers to escort children and youth

2020-07-16 | COVID-19 Testing Clinics: The CISSS des Laurentides recommends making an appointment

2020-07-14 | Update on the COVID-19 outbreak at Saint-Jérôme regional hospital

2020-07-13 | Testing 1600 people made possible thanks to our partners

2020-07-06 | Visits suspended at Saint-Jérôme Regional Hospital

2020-07-03 | Orthopedics and plastic surgery services relocating from SaintJérôme Regional Hospital to a new clinic

2020-06-26 | Visits cautiously resuming in most long-term care facilities (CHSLDs), hospitals and other healthcare establishments in the Laurentians

2020-06-19 | The CISSS des Laurentides requires everyone entering its facilities to wear a face covering

2020-06-10 | Hubert-Maisonneuve CHSLD : Celebrating the recovery from COVID-19 of 10 residents

2020-05-27 | The CISSS des Laurentides is seeking foster families for children aged 0 to 17 years

2020-05-27 | Hot weather recommendations from the Director of Public Health for the Laurentians

2020-05-26 | The Director of Public Health for the Laurentians supports Sépaq’s measures to reopen Oka provincial park

2020-05-21 | Mental health during the pandemic: The CISSS des Laurentides is taking action

2020-05-21 | A mobile COVID-19 testing unit coming to our region soon

2020-05-15 | The CISSS des Laurentides urges the public not to hesitate to request a test for COVID-19

2020-05-14 | An impaired mobility technical assistance team takes the initiative to produce visors for employees

2020-05-08 | Caution is still advised: maintaining good practices acquired during the pandemic

2020-05-08 | Easing of pandemic-related measures regarding significant informal caregiver visits in residential facilities

2020-05-08 | Opening of a temporary emergency homeless shelter in Saint-Jérôme

2020-05-08 | The CISSS des Laurentides salutes the work of all its teams

2020-05-05 | Thanking Community Organisations and Volunteers in the Laurentians

2020-05-05 | Mental Health Week: May 4 to 10, 2020

2020-04-30 | The CISSS des Laurentides confirms mental health services continue to be provided for vulnerable patients in the Laurentians

2020-04-28 | Death of a CISSS des Laurentides employee from COVID-19

2020-04-24 | Designated evaluation clinic opens in the Antoine-Labelle sector

2020-04-20 | The CISSS des Laurentides offers emergency aid to the region's community organizations

2020-04-20 | The CISSS des Laurentides is evaluating the possibility of temporarily using the future Sainte-Adèle CHSLD to admit people with declining autonomy who have COVID-19

2020-04-17 | Designated evaluation clinic added in the Laurentians

2020-04-17 | The vital contribution of volunteers to the Health and Social Services community

2020-04-09 | CISSS des Laurentides' maternity wards and birthing centre remain open for expectant mothers and the person accompanying them

2020-04-08 | The CHSLD Drapeau-Deschambault is taking in patients from hospitals in the Laurentians

2020-04-07 | Saint-Jérôme regional hospital becomes a designated centre for people with COVID-19 in the Laurentians

2020-04-06 | Make a difference for your loved ones' health!

2020-04-03 | Two designated evaluation clinics in the Laurentians

2020-04-03 | The clinical pharmacy department of the CISSS des Laurentides will produce antiseptic gel to fill a growing need

2020-04-02 | Control points added for Antoine-Labelle, Argenteuil, Pays-d'en-Haut and Laurentides MRCs

2020-03-28 | The CISSS des Laurentides doubles the number of daily screening tests in its designated COVID-19 clinics

2020-03-28 | Saint-Jérôme regional hospital is prepared to be a designated centre for the admission of patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 and require hospitalization

2020-03-26 | The CISSS des Laurentides is adding pre-triage facilities outside its Emergency Departments to cope with COVID-19

2020-03-24 | Opening of a second COVID-19 designated clinic in the Laurentians

2020-03 19 | Testing sites now open in the Laurentians by appointment only

2020-03-17 | Opening of a designated COVID-19 screening clinic in the Laurentians

2020-03-13 | The CISSS des Laurentides taking action to cope with COVID-19